Backup increases IT security in the company

Backup copies protect the organization’s data

Taking care of backup is a set of activities and practices carried out to create a backup copy. Creating and storing backup copies is one of the most essential parts of professional management of IT infrastructure for a company or institution.

Backup protects the organization against the effects of negative events that may lead to the loss of the most important data by creating opportunity to quickly restore important information for the company. Backups save a lot of time, energy and resources in difficult situations.

Backup copies protect the organization's data

Automation of making backup copies

Exanet uses modern solutions that enable the automation of creating backup copies. Dedicated software does not interfere with the functioning of the IT infrastructure, performing all the necessary operations in the background. Additionally, we eliminate the risk of human error.

We recommend the popular Veritas Backup Exec or Veeam platform as a basic backup tool for our clients. One of the main advantages of backup management software is automatic verification of the correctness of backups and notifications.

Efficient restoration of important data

Efficient restoration of important data

Backup frequency

Exanet’s experience gained during many years of delivering IT support services for companies has allowed us to develop rules related to the frequency of backups. We set the backup policy individually for each IT infrastructure we deal with. Most often, we perform full backups once a week and incremental backups every day.

3 2 1 1 0 rule

The principle known as “3 2 1 1 0” concerns the main recommendations related to the backup policy in an organization. Data security is ensured by having three backups. Backups should be saved on at least two types of media (e.g. NAS storage configured in RAID and a copy taken on LTO-8 tape). One backup should be offsite (i.e. be in a different location or in the cloud). One backup should be disconnected from the network (offline). The backup copy must have zero errors. The backups located outside the client’s server room have to be encrypted.

The subject of the backup copy

The subject of the backup copy

We implement a backup system

We prepare a backup policy for our client. We take into account the size of the infrastructure (amount of data), select technology and tools, set a schedule.

Data archiving

Data rarely used by the company is archived, which is primarily used to optimize the use of the main disk resources in the IT system. We transfer the data to safe and durable, but cheaper media on which it is cataloged.

Data archiving is carried out at specified intervals in accordance with the established parameters (archiving period, data retention time, rights to write / read the archive). Archived data can also be backed up.

Backup copies recovery tests

An indispensable element of backup management is the implementation of recovery tests. Exanet engineers test restoring virtual machines from backups and restoring individual files.

Backup copies recovery tests

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