The computer network is the basis of the IT system

Computer network is the basis for the functioning of any IT system, therefore it should ensure high quality of the services provided. In order to maintain the highest level of network performance throughout its operation, it is necessary to properly define the system needs and take them into account at the design stage, which is the key to building an efficient and safe computer network. Exanet from Poznań has many years of experience in building computer networks for medium and large companies from all over Poland and Europe.

Exanet computer network building

As part of the network design

Currently, the key element of a well-functioning computer network are its active elements in the form of switches, routers and access devices. The proper functioning of the computer network depends on their proper selection and subsequent configuration.

Exanet provides services

Cisco certified partner status for Exanet

The knowledge and experience gained over the years in the implementation of orders for clients from all over Poland allowed us to develop the best solutions, which include the use of Cisco hardware and software in projects for medium and large companies. Cisco is a world-known, leading producer of network devices dedicated to modern and demanding IT infrastructures.

The confirmation of Exanet’s knowledge and experience is the status of a Cisco partner (Select Partner certificate). For our clients, this means a guarantee of very high quality of services, adherence to the best practice principles defined by Cisco, delivery of hardware and software from the official distribution channel.

Exanet engineers are constantly developing their competences, which is confirmed by, among others, obtained CCNA certificates.

Cisco Select Certified Partner Exanet

As part of additional services, we offer

Exanet computer networks services

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We will answer questions regarding the construction of network infrastructure and present individually prepared solutions for the company.

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Our offer also includes

Implementation of Cisco solutions

As an authorized partner, we implement modern and secure computer network solutions based on Cisco products and services for companies.

Network infrastructure management

We offer computer network maintenance services for medium and large companies, we take care of security, advise and eliminate threats.

Network high availability

We offer solutions ensuring continuous operation of network devices and guaranteeing stable operation of the client’s computer network.

Network security

We offer services increasing the level of security in computer networks, we develop and implement security policies in the IT infrastructure.