Cisco Meraki solutions for companies

Cisco Meraki is associated primarily with proven solutions in the field of Wi-Fi network access points managed from the cloud dedicated for demanding customers.

Currently, the Meraki offer includes an integrated and complete line of products with rich and constantly expanded functionality, co-creating a consistent and secure network environment. As a Cisco Select Certified Partner, Exanet offers Cisco Meraki products, solutions and licenses for businesses.

Cisco Select Certified Partner Exanet

Scalability and ease of implementation of Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki allows you to manage your computer network using the cloud. Scalable and easy-to-deploy Meraki-based computer networks can be managed from anywhere thanks to the Meraki Dashboard and Meraki Mobile App.

The intuitive and user-friendly GUI-based control panel in Cisco Meraki facilitates computer network management in the company’s branches, while ensuring a very high level of security.

Exanet partnerem Meraki

Integration with Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Meraki devices and solutions integrate easily with Cisco Umbrella, a service dedicated to the security of devices, remote users and company branches inluded in the computer network.

Cisco Umbrella is a popular solution used by over 20,000 companies around the world that protect users against cyber attacks and threats (phishing, malware, ransomware, botnet, trojan) by blocking malicious websites, IP addresses, and cloud applications. Cisco Umbrella facilitates the implementation of IT security policies in organizations with many remote locations.

The guiding principle of Cisco Meraki is ease of management with the highest level of security

Cloud-based computer network management

Cloud-based computer network management

Mobile device management

Cisco Meraki enables efficient management of mobile and desktop devices for large companies (MDM). Systems Manager allows you to easily control installed applications on company phones or desktops, facilitates the implementation of device configuration changes, adding security certificates, deleting data from stolen phones, etc.

Scalability, reliability and security

The scalability of Cisco Meraki solutions allows you to add devices and new computer networks in minutes. Cloud network management does not have an imposed limit on the number of devices.

Computer networks based on Cisco Meraki do not lose their functions, even if the connection to the cloud is disrupted.

It is worth emphasizing that security in Cisco Meraki solutions is a priority. No user traffic passes through the cloud, which is for management purposes only.

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