We configure network devices

Specialized engineers

Numerous implementations in the field of network solutions for companies from all over Europe allowed for the separation of a network department in the structure of Exanet, in which engineers deal with the provision of services in the field of configuration of managed network devices for companies and institutions.

We configure all network devices

We configure network devices of all well-known manufacturers of solutions for professional applications, with particular emphasis on Cisco. We provide configuration services for devices such as: router, L2 and L3 switch, NGFW, firewall, WiFi controller, cloud controller (Meraki).

Comprehensive service

We approach each assignment individually, offering comprehensive service (we advise, deliver equipment, configure, test, implement). We also provide work related to the construction of network cabling. There is a possibility of permanent cooperation related to network infrastructure management.

Network devices configuration

We are a Cisco partner

The confirmation of the qualifications of the engineers forming the Exanet team is the partnership status we obtained from the largest provider of network solutions in the world, Cisco. Exanet has been a certified Cisco partner for many years, which is a guarantee of the highest quality for customers using our solutions and delivered equipment.

Our engineers are CCNA certified and follow the best practice defined by Cisco. We are proud of the distinction of partnership with Cisco.

Cisco Select Certified Partner Exanet

Router configuration

We specialize in Cisco routers

We provide configuration services for a network device working in the third layer of the OSI model, used to connect various computer networks and acting as a communication node. We specialize in Cisco routers. We also configure equipment from other well-known manufacturers (Fortinet).

Router configuration increases network security

Next-generation firewall configuration

NGFW in IT infrastructure

Next-generation firewall (NGFW) is an advanced solution to increase network security in IT infrastructure. We specialize in Cisco next-generation firewalls, which we recommend to our clients due to advanced protection against malware and effective intrusion prevention. In fact, the implementation of a firewall is the foundation of IT system security.

Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services

Most often, we implement Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services with IPS, AMP, URL licenses. The IPS license provides protection against threats along with contextual monitoring of user behavior, applications using the network and infrastructure elements. AMP is designed to provide advanced protection against malicious software (malware). The URL module allows you to filter over 280 million domains, taking into account the degree of risk and according to 82 available categories.

Optimal configuration of network devices in the IT infrastructure increases security, stability and network performance

Switch configuration

We configure network switches – devices connecting computer network segments in the network infrastructure.

WiFi controllers

Cisco wireless solutions that Exanet implements offer network monitoring functions as well as locating and minimizing security threats. Support for Wi-Fi 6 and new technologies allows for even faster operation and less interference.

We select access point devices for indoor use as well as outdoor use and in industrial environments. In our projects, we most often use devices with a physical controller and Cisco Mobility Express.

Cisco Mobility Express

  •  Quick setup (multiple access points simultaneously).
  •  Built-in guest access.
  •  Scale up to 100 access points.
  •  Integration with various models of access points.
  •  Using 802.11ac Wave 2.

Physical controller

  •  Excellent radio frequency level for high density environments.
  •  Built with the IoT in mind.
  •  Roaming – automatic switching between APs.
  •  Above-average reliability and safety.
  •  Business continuity – no interruptions even during updates.

Exanet WiFi configuration

Exanet offers WiFi controller configuration services

As part of the WiFi solutions for the office and industry that we provide to our clients, we configure: SSID, signal propagation power, security (lobby ambassador), 802.1x (use of computer credentials in Active Directory with automatic network login), FlexConnect (one controller for management WAN access points).

Cisco Meraki – Cloud Managed Access Point Configuration

Cisco Meraki access points are made of the highest quality components. They guarantee faster work, trouble-free service of a large number of hosts, greater range and lower failure rate than standard solutions.

Cisco Meraki is an enterprise-class solution for customers requiring efficiency, speed of implementation combined with the possibility of cloud management, easy administration and very good coverage.

Additional benefits include analytical tools that provide insight into users, devices and applications used in the network, along with the possibility of optimizing access policies.

Maximum performance

  •  Built-in technologies that increase capacity without loss of range (OFDMA, MIMO).
  •  Transmission speed over a single Ethernet cable up to 5 Gbps.
  •  Dedicated to high-density environments.


  •  2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  •  Continuous network scanning and threat protection.
  •  Use of radio frequency used in the environment and adaptation.
  •  Automatic configuration of frequency settings for maximum efficiency.

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We are happy to answer your questions and present individually prepared solutions for the configuration of computer network devices for your company.

tel. 697 118 921, 61 851 2765; e-mail: sieci@exanet.pl

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Our offer also includes

Implementation of Cisco solutions

As a Cisco partner, we offer network equipment and manufacturer solutions along with full service (consulting, configuration, implementation, licenses, service contracts).

High network availability (HA)

We implement mechanisms of automatic service switching between operating links. We eliminate the dependence of network continuity on single points of failure.

Network infrastructure management

We support companies in the ongoing maintenance of the computer network. We guarantee failure response, continuous monitoring, configuration optimization. We ensure network operation security.

Building network infrastructure

We design a computer network tailored to the company’s needs, provide equipment, configure active elements, and provide additional services.