Securing the computer network

Proper protection of the computer network

A computer network is a place of exchange of all information processed in a modern enterprise. It is up to its proper management whether valuable information leaves the company without our knowledge, which in turn may lead to serious material losses.

For this reason, a very important part of information protection is achieving security of the computer network, both against external attacks and those coming from within the enterprise. Exanet has a wide range of services that enable a significant increase in the level of computer network security.

Services increasing the level of security in a computer network

Computer Network Security - Exanet

Individually selected security mechanisms

All our activities are preceded by an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs and a review of the existing IT environment. Only after this stage, together with the client, we design security mechanisms individual for each IT infrastructure.

In addition to standard counteracting external threats, such as network attacks, intrusion attempts, etc., we offer solutions aimed at ensuring the continuity of the IT environment in the event of an external attack, decrease in the efficiency of system components or failure of individual segments of the computer network.

Securing network resources against loss and unauthorized access by unauthorized persons becomes a critical aspect of network management

Exanet services increasing the level of network security

Exanet services increasing the level of network security

Next generation firewall

Cisco next-generation firewall

Next-generation firewalls (NGFW) are comprehensive solutions that increase network security in the enterprise. Exanet offers the implementation of the Cisco next-generation firewall, which uses integrated data sources about emerging threats, guaranteeing advanced protection against malware, effectively preventing intrusions. Cisco Firewall filters URLs and verifies user identities, detecting even subtle threats.


We most often recommend Cisco FirePOWER to our clients. As part of the service, we provide the device with a license for the customer and we configure and implement a next generation firewall. A properly implemented firewall is the basis for the security of the company’s IT system.

Engineers specializing in network security pay attention to the numerous benefits that a next generation firewall generates for security.

Advantages of using NGFW in a network infrastructure

IPS, AMP, URL licenses

A frequently occurring and recommendable choice of Exanet’s clients is the purchase of a Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services router with an IPS, AMP, URL license.

Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) provides very effective protection against threats along with contextual monitoring of user behavior, infrastructure elements and applications using the network. All multi-vector threats are detected and neutralized by automatic defense actions.

Advanced Malware Protection (Cisco Advanced Malware Protection, AMP) provides advanced malware protection along with sandboxing.

The URL Filtering license allows you to filter over 280 million domains according to the degree of risk and according to 82 available categories.

Cisco Umbrella – a cloud-based security solution

The perfect first line of protection for your network

Cisco Umbrella is a popular cloud-based security solution for companies, operating in the DNS layer. Umbrella is a scalable and flexible solution that combines several functionalities related to IT security for devices, remote users and company branches.

Umbrella blocks threats before they reach the user thanks to the fact that a connection with a dangerous website, IP address or cloud application is not established. Because of this, the chances of negative events related to phishing, malware, ransomware, botnet, Trojan, etc. are minimized.

Speed ​​and ease of implementation in the IT infrastructure

Cisco Umbrella can be quickly and easily deployed in the company’s infrastructure. The deployment process requires just a few steps, including: adding a public IP address; setting DNS addresses on end devices, routers, AD, Roaming Client (for mobile employees); creating security policies.

Several protection functions in one solution

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For over 20 years, we have been providing comprehensive services in the field of computer network management for our clients.