Immediate delivery of new software versions

Continuous Deployment services offered by DevOps team of Exanet, as a natural extension of Continuous Integration, allow you to automate the transfer of new software releases to production. The process of delivering new software versions is automatic, not supervised directly by the human factor, thanks to which we minimize the time of possible unavailability of a new version of the application.

The new version of the application, after automatic testing, is automatically released for production without the need for the so-called manual trigger.

Elimination of errors during publication

Continuous Deployment reduces the likelihood of errors related to the release phase of a new software version, primarily by excluding the human factor and automating the delivery lifecycle. The solution is automatically put into production. The DevOps Exanet department selects the right tools in the so-called supply chain, including operational readiness and performance testing.

It is very important to use the services of experienced DevOps engineers during the software development process, because selecting the right tools for integrated, automated testing during the code development process and during the rest of the release versioning phases is a prerequisite for using Continuous Deployment.

The Continuous Deployment extension with trial releases and nightly builds additionally reduces the number of bugs in official releases of stable products.

Exanet DevOps CD

Automatic rollback

An important advantage of the Continuous Deployment process is the automatic rollback, i.e. the ability to roll back a release to the last correctly functioning version in the event of a problem encountered in the process of publishing a new software version. In this way, the continuity of the service is maintained and publication is postponed until the obstruction is removed.

Thanks to Continuous Deployment, the development team can release subsequent versions of the application during the day without spending energy on the major version of the application.

A/B tests

Continuous Deployment significantly facilitates A / B testing, i.e. simultaneous delivery of several alternative versions of the product in order to assess the end user’s reaction to each of them. Mainly used to improve the user interface, they allow to choose the best solution from the point of view of the software recipient.

Exanet DevOps services

Automatic implementation of code changes accelerate project implementation

Each change in the application code is included in the automatic change path, after which the tested, then working version is automatically transferred to the production environment. It is not required to manually approve the introduced changes before publication (Automatic Trigger, difference to Continuous Delivery). CD significantly accelerates the work on a given programming project.

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