We provide CI solutions for developers

Exanet provides Continuous Integration solutions for development teams in companies in Poland and Europe. We individually select CI solutions that are appropriate for a given development team, and support building, integrating and testing the code.

We know that each project is different and each team has its own work cycle to which we adjust optimal methods of improving activity. A correctly implemented Continuous Integration solution brings a significant improvement in work efficiency and product quality, with minor adjustments on the part of the team.

We implement the automation of the software building process

The implementation of Continuous Integration allows you to automate the software building process. Time is saved and the risk of a mistake is minimized during the process of building and publishing software. Thanks to the automation of repetitive activities, the application can be built and released more often, which is important for teams working in agile methodologies (Agile, Scrum).

Continuous Integration Exanet

Automatic tests

Test automation is an important step in improving the quality of the code and reducing the number of errors. Continuous Integration solutions offered by Exanet use the unit tests, integration tests and functional tests which are the pillar of creating reliable applications. In addition, thanks to the automatic generation of reports on the execution of automated tests, the client receives additional assurance about the quality of work of the development team.

We provide continuous and automatic integration ensuring the highest quality of the created code

Immediate debugging

Automatic test execution during software development reduces the time needed to detect errors in the application code. We obtain an increase in the speed of implementation of code corrections, then the corrected version of the software is released.

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Advantages of the DevOps Exanet offer

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Our offer also includes

Continuous Deployment

We offer software delivery lifecycle automation services for development teams. Tests, automatic rollback.


We implement and maintain Jira Software. We support the management of programming projects. Development planning. Tracking the progress of work.


We implement and maintain Jenkins servers. Task automation for any technology and operating system. Integration with code versioning systems.


We provide modern and reliable DevOps solutions for development teams working in the Scrum and Agile methodology.