DevOps for software development teams

The IT infrastructure in companies dealing with software development and maintenance is subject to dynamic changes, that require the need to properly organize the IT environment.

DevOps services offered by Exanet ensure the continuity and reliability of software development and delivery processes thanks to the close cooperation of programmers and system administrators, whose task is to provide reliable and proven solutions.

DevOps minimizes downtime related to changes in IT infrastructure, while increasing the traceability of the software development process.

Exanet DevOps services

DevOps for agile teams

DevOps is particularly important for projects carried out in agile methodologies (Scrum, Agile), where the time devoted to project-related tasks must be reduced to a minimum.

DevOps tools offered by Exanet allow you to automate repetitive activities such as: testing, building, publishing, static code analysis, project status reporting.

DevOps automation tools effectively support the scrum team adherence to Definition-of-Done rules and the regular issuance of Demo with minimal energy expenditure of team members.

Exanet DevOps for agile teams

Systems integration thanks to DevOps

A DevOps environment can consist of multiple systems, each of which supports a different aspect of software development, e.g. Project Management Software, Bug Tracker, Code Versioning System, Continuous Integration, Tests Automation, Continuous Deployment, Quality Assurance, etc.

The integration of these systems is essential for efficient and effective project management. Such systems must cooperate with each other to avoid manual repetition of activities at the interface between different systems.

Thanks to the precise selection of appropriate tools to the team’s requirements and integration needs, the entire DevOps environment, together with the company’s traditional IT infrastructure, functions as one large entity.

Exanet DevOps services for development teams

We support the development and delivery of software in development teams

Exanet provides efficient DevOps solutions

Based on the experience of our clients and our own team of software developers, we have gained experience and developed DevOps solutions based on systems such as Jenkins, JIRA, BitBucket, Confluence, GitLab, GitHub, and Docker.

DevOps solutions Exanet

Productivity gains thanks to DevOps

DevOps automates repetitive activities and introduces a set of consistent tools for project management, reduces the workload of project team members with project management and maintenance tasks, which allows you to focus on design and programming.

Exanet DevOps

Most important DevOps tasks

  •  Performing automatic tests.
  •  Automation of the process of building and preparing the product for release.
  •  Automatic preparation of the environment for launching services.
  •  Project status reporting and anomaly detection.

DevOps helps to streamline

  •  Project management process.
  •  Source code version control and product version management.
  •  Static source code analysis and quality assurance.
  •  Conducting and reporting manual tests.

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Our offer also includes

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We implement continuous integration servers for building, testing and integrating code created by software development teams.

Continuous deployment

We support development teams by building an environment that enables the automation of continuous implementation of changes in the code.


We prepare task automation servers in the software development process for development companies. Integration with CVS.


We prepare, configure according to the client’s needs, and manage the Jira platform for software development teams.