Secure file servers for large organizations

Among the IT services provided by Exanet and dedicated to medium and large companies, the implementation of safe solutions related to file servers deserves a distinction. Sooner or later, every large organization faces the need to implement an efficient way to share and store files for use by co-workers or other services.

Professional solutions for file servers facilitate the work of the company’s employees, increase efficiency, increase security and reduce the time needed to maintain the IT infrastructure by the IT department.

Secure file servers for large organizations

User files stored on the server

In a well-organized IT environment in an enterprise, it is a policy not to store vital user files locally on computers. This is due to, among other things, the problems of backups and anti-virus protection related to valuable data of colleagues.

The implementation of the file server service, i.e. making the files created and used at work available to employees on the server under the care of the IT system administrator, brings many benefits for the organization.

User files stored on the server

Data shared by multiple users

File servers, in addition to storing important files and folders for a specific user (where only a given user has access as if he were using a hard disk on his computer), offer the possibility of simultaneous access to information stored in files for many users. If two or more people in the organization need access to the same files – the file server is the optimal solution.

Data shared by multiple users

The benefits of having a file server

We implement comprehensive, individually prepared solutions for secure file servers

Implementation of the file server by Exanet

Exanet is a Microsoft partner

The experience we have been gaining since 2003 allows us to provide services related to the implementation of file servers for companies while maintaining a very high level of quality. We focus on the efficiency and security of the solutions used. Our engineers’ competence is confirmed by the status of a Microsoft partner.

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ownCloud for Business

We implement a solution that allows you to create a corporate cloud using the organization’s server infrastructure. Access to files is possible from any location via the Internet. Files can be shared inside the cloud between groups or users and publicly (password protection and link availability). The convenience for users is the ability to encrypt, version and recover files. ownCloud has many additional applications that can be individually selected according to the client’s preferences.

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