Cisco Select Certified Partner

Exanet from Poznań has the status of a Cisco partner with a Select level certificate. Cisco is a leading producer of network hardware, software and solutions for computer networks in the sector of medium and large enterprises in the world.

The partnership with Cisco is a confirmation of Exanet’s competences, which we have been developing for over 20 years, by implementing projects related to the design, construction and configuration of IT networks for many organizations in Poland and Europe. We specialize in the following Cisco product areas: Routers and Switches, Firepower NGPS, AMP, Umbrella, ISE, Wi-Fi 6.

Cisco Select Certified Partner Exanet

Exanet supplies and configures Cisco devices and solutions

  •  Router (e.g. ISR 4000 Series).
  •  Firewall (np. FirePOWER 1010, 5506, 5508).
  •  Switch L3 (layer 3 network switch, e.g. 3650 Series, 3850 Series).
  •  Switch L2 (Layer 2 network switch, e.g. 2960L, 9200 Series, Catalyst 1000 Series).
  •  Access point (wireless network AP, e.g. 1800 Series, 2800 Series, Wi-Fi 6 Catalyst 9100).
  •  Wi-Fi Network Controller (WLC), e.g. 3504 Mobility Express.
  •  Meraki (cloud solutions, switch, router, access point).

Exanet engineers implementing network solutions have very high competences confirmed by Cisco certificates

Cloud-managed computer network

Cisco Meraki for Business

Cisco Meraki is a new concept of a computer network managed centrally from the cloud. It is a perfect solution for companies and institutions with a large network of local branches, dispersed locations, shops or home office employees.

The idea of ​​the solution is based on network devices (access points, switches, UTMs) that are directly managed from the cloud, using a web browser launched in any location in the world. Cisco Meraki solutions have many advantages.

Advantages of Cisco Meraki

Advantages of Cisco Meraki

Integrated WLAN systems

Exanet has extensive experience in the implementation of integrated WLAN systems built with the use of wireless network controllers, enabling the management of all services in one place and simplifying administration.

WLAN controllers can support many different types of access points, thanks to which we can operate both an office network and an industrial network from one controller. The use of Cisco controllers additionally enables the management of access points located in remote locations.

Integrated WLAN systems

Wi-Fi 6 for the business

Higher WLAN performance

IEEE 802.11ax offers all the advantages of previous solutions (e.g. 802.11ac) achieving higher performance, flexibility and scalability. Wi-Fi 6 enables access points to support more devices in high-density environments and provides higher performance for typical WLANs.

The new solution uses a number of new technologies. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation allows you to increase the speed by 35%. Orthogonal Frequency Division Miltiple Access (OFDMA) enables you to reduce latency. Better planning and longer battery life of client devices is possible thanks to Target Wake Time (TWT).

Wi-Fi 6 is dedicated to office environments in companies where the network is mainly based on wireless solutions. It will also work perfectly in environments with a high concentration of client devices or high needs in terms of speed of operation and data transfer (educational facilities, public utilities, shopping centers, conference centers, etc.).

Wi-Fi 6 fits perfectly with the needs generated by the growing number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Cisco Wi-Fi 6 access points also support 2.4GHz frequency, which is a prerequisite for using many Internet of Things devices without Wi-Fi modules working at 5.0GHz.

Backward compatibility

Devices prepared in the Wi-Fi 6 standard work seamlessly with existing products in the 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 standard and in the standard of older technologies. Access points Cisco Catalyst 9100 support 802.11a / g / n and 802.11ac.

Wi-Fi 6 is a new quality of wireless networks

Cisco Umbrella – security through the cloud

Cloud-based computer network security solution

Cisco Umbrella blocks malicious websites, IP addresses, and cloud applications before a connection is established. Chances of negative events such as phishing, malware, ransomware, botnet, trojan, etc. are eliminated. Umbrella protection in the DNS layer is an excellent first line of protection when using the Internet.

Umbrella provides feedback to get a picture of network security in the company, protects users by stopping threats detected on ports or protocols (even direct IP connections) before they can reach the corporate network or client devices.

Launching the Cisco Umbrella service in the company’s IT infrastructure is easy and fast. Additionally, it is possible to create security policies for the entire organization and integration with the company’s Active Directory.

Security features in the Umbrella cloud solution

Proven solutions, scalability, warranty

All the systems we install based on Cisco devices are highly scalable and ready for quick expansion with new network segments or new services, such as the location of employees / devices in facilities covered by a WLAN network.

The solutions we propose are fully tested and may be covered by additional warranty packages enabling the replacement of damaged devices even within two hours of reporting the defect. In addition, the device manufacturer’s service center is available around the clock and can react almost anywhere in the world.

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Our offer also includes

Computer network infrastructure

We build network infrastructure for offices and industry: design, network cabling, operation tests, delivery and configuration of network equipment.

Network devices configuration

We configure solutions of Cisco and other leading hardware manufacturers. Routers, L2 and L3 network switches, WiFi controllers, access points, firewalls.

Computer network management

We support clients in the ongoing maintenance of the network. We take responsibility for all tasks related to computer network administration.

Computer network security

We offer configuration services for the current security systems in the client’s network infrastructure, we prepare and implement security policies.