IT infrastructure monitoring

IT infrastructure monitoring is used to increase the speed of response in the event of a failure. Thanks to IT monitoring, it is possible to react to standard problems in advance. For our clients, we build distributed and highly scalable environments for monitoring server and network components in IT systems.

To monitor services and networks, Exanet uses advanced solutions that are prepared individually to the needs of a given company. We monitor servers, computers and network devices using dedicated agents.

IT infrastructure monitoring

Computer network monitoring

LAN network monitoring

Exanet implements LAN network monitoring solutions for companies. We supervise the saturation of the internal network, we detect security breaches at ports. We monitor the use of the processor, RAM and the temperature of network devices (L2 and L3 managed switches).

WiFi network monitoring

Exanet prepares a WiFi network monitoring system that allows you to analyze the logs of the most important devices supporting the wireless network in the company (WiFi controllers, access points). Any attempts of unauthorized connection to the WiFi network are identified.

We detect unwanted devices using the network. Coverage Hole Detection (Cisco) algorithms allow us to identify places where there is no coverage. Each WiFi access point is monitored in terms of the number of hosts.

WiFi network monitoring

Wide Area Network monitoring

The monitoring system offered by Exanet monitors the saturation of the Internet connection. We control the ping amounts (link stability) and the performance of network devices at the WAN and LAN interface. We monitor the load on the parameters of the router.

An important aspect of WAN monitoring is the analysis of NGFW (next-generation firewall) logs, which enable identification of network attack attempts on the company’s infrastructure. Modern solutions that we implement in computer networks allow us to collect information based on the behavior of users on the Internet.

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Monitoring of servers and services

IT infrastructure management support

The solutions proposed by Exanet shorten the response time to server and service failures. Instant notifications around the clock allow you to take action even outside of operating hours. The administrator has precise information about the cause of the notification or alert from the monitoring system from any location and is able to remotely take action.

Reports and inventory of resources

A big benefit of using the server and service monitoring system prepared by Exanet is an extensive reporting system that supports the administrator’s work and facilitates making the right decisions. Data presentation in the form of analyzes and graphs accelerates the identification of moments and places requiring attention.

Proper preparation and operation of the server and service monitoring system necessitates an inventory of IT resources used in the company, which contributes to the improvement of the quality of IT management and is an added value for the client.

Setting directions for the development of infrastructure

Monitoring of servers and services is not only a significant acceleration of the response to failures and the elimination of standard problems in the IT infrastructure. The great advantage of using monitoring is the acquired knowledge about the state of the elements that make up the IT system in the company and conclusions regarding investment needs. Creating an IT optimization and modernization plan is easier, and the plan itself is more effective in meeting the needs of the enterprise.

Reacting in advance

Information on the operating status of IT infrastructure devices and services is very valuable. A properly prepared set of data allows you to anticipate failures and problems that may occur in the near future. The monitoring system allows you to efficiently counteract any failures and react in advance to any problems that may cause more problems or downtime.

Reacting in advance

Exanet prepares individual solutions for IT infrastructure monitoring for companies

User experience

Increasing the speed of responding to a failure

A well-prepared IT monitoring system increases the comfort of working with IT resources by users. Thanks to the information provided by the IT monitoring system, IT specialists are able to react to emerging situations before any possible consequences can be experienced by the team in the organization.

Protection against difficulties in using the network and servers

IT infrastructure monitoring not only increases the efficiency of IT specialists, but above all protects the company’s employees from experiencing difficulties in using the company’s servers and network.

IT support costs reduction

IT monitoring reduces costs related to IT support and enables maintenance of a stable and secure IT enviroment, using much less time spent on engineers’ work.

IT support costs reduction

Log server

We implement a log server

Exanet implements a log server, i.e. a service that monitors the operation of other services in the company’s IT infrastructure. The log server enables the collection of data on the IT environment and a detailed analysis, which is a perfect complement to the monitoring of IT infrastructure. The log server monitors network devices (router, switch, WLC, AP), hypervisor, virtual machines, UPS, workstations, VOIP server and others.

Log retention

The solution offered by Exanet ensures log retention in the period of time defined by the system administrator. There is no risk of losing logs from network devices after their restart.

Advantages of the log server

  •  Fast data analysis, visualization.
  •  Ability to analyze data backwards.
  •  Presentation of the situation on a regular basis.
  •  Quick access to logs from many components of the IT system.
  •  Logs from many devices and services in one place.
  •  Integration with AD.
  •  Increasing security by identifying the sources of negative events in the infrastructure.
  •  Quick deployment, no license required.

User activity monitoring

The log server enables the aggregation of data on user activity on the Internet (who, when, where, what transfer, number of connections, etc.). Thanks to the integration with NGFW, reports and analyzes on user activity include the categories of visited websites.

The log server takes into account the history of editing the files contained on the file server.

User activity monitoring

Exanet implements IT infrastructure monitoring

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