Jenkins server

Task automation server

Jenkins is an Open Source task automation server. Jenkins helps automate repetitive activities in the software development process. It belongs to the group of the oldest and most developed projects of this type with a database of over 1500 plugins.

Versatility and flexibility

Jenkins Continuous Integration is a cross-platform and technology-neutral task automation server, which means that the solution can be used in the software development process in any technology and for any operating system, and even for multiple operating systems simultaneously.

Exanet Jenkins Devops CI

Unlimited scalability

Thanks to its “master-slave” architecture, Jenkins enables the continuous expansion of the Continuous Integration environment as demand grows. Flexible management of nodes performing tasks, allows you to freely distribute tasks between nodes, taking into account the individual needs of each project.

We implement and maintain Jenkins servers

For many years, Exanet has been successfully implementing and maintaining Jenkins servers both for clients from the development industry and for its own software development department. We have experience in implementing and maintaining Continuous Integration for Windows, Linux, OSX operating systems, supporting the development of software written in Python, PHP, C, C ++ and more. The implementation and maintenance of Jenkins servers is one of the areas of activity within DevOps services that we offer.

Exanet Jenkins implementation

Full integration

The rich base of Jenkins plugins enables integration with the most popular code versioning systems (CVS), such as GIT, SVN, Mercurial, and with less common ones, such as AccuRev, CVS. Jenkins can perform tasks using popular platforms, such as Apache Ant, Apache Maven, as well as Linux Shell, Windows batch, Windows PowerShell command line scripts.

Fast feedback

Feedback from repetitive tasks is important for software development teams. After completing the task, the Jenkins server can present feedback in the form of detailed reports in the www panel, as well as send a message to another application, e.g. JIRA, Slack, GitHub.

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