JIRA project management system

No. 1 among project management systems

Jira is the most popular project management system in the world (> 30% market share). It owes its popularity primarily to the universal approach to project management, flexible configuration and expansion possibilities.

A rich database of plugins

Products prepared for recipients with various needs were created on the Jira platform. Thanks to the extensive database of plugins with verified quality, it is possible to adapt and integrate with any work environment.

Jira Software

Planning, management and tracking of world-class software development, in any methodology.

Jira Align

Managing an enterprise using agile methodologies on a large scale.

Jira ServiceDesk

Customer service facilitating the submission of inquiries and accelerating effective service at the highest level.

Jira Core

Managing any business project, including marketing campaigns, product life cycle, workflow in everyday business activities.

Business needs come first

Each company has different business needs and goals. By implementing a project management system, customer service or bug tracking system based on the Jira platform, Exanet puts the client’s business needs and organizational culture first.

JIRA project management system

Analysis of needs and opportunities

Each implementation of a system based on the Jira platform is preceded by an analysis of the client’s needs and capabilities. We operate in such a way as to optimally and comprehensively improve the work of the team, while minimizing the difficulties associated with launching a new work tool.

Exanet supports development teams by implementing and maintaining the Jira project management system as part of the DevOps service offer for companies

We provide comprehensive solutions on the Jira platform

The Jira platform allows not only to efficiently manage projects, but also improves the workflow in the company and the flow of data between systems. Rich possibilities of integration with other systems and flexible configuration are additionally supported by a range of self-integrating Atlassian products.


Teamwork, Project documentation and information flow.


Visualization of project status, status and workflow.


The second code management system in the world after GitHub, not counting pure Git.


Continuous Integration & Delivery in the cloud computing with the best integration of Jira and Bitbucket.

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