Computer network monitoring

The use of computer network monitoring has become a standard and necessity in the IT industry. The need to ensure the security of IT infrastructure and the continuity of computer network operation, and above all, the expectation of an appropriate speed of administrators’ response to possible events, has led to the popularization of the use of LAN, WAN and WiFi monitoring solutions in medium and large organizations.

Exanet prepares, implements and supports individually adapted, professional network monitoring systems for companies. The network monitoring that we offer includes: L2 and L3 managed switches, routers, firewalls, WiFi controllers, Access Points, operator links.

LAN network monitoring

LAN network monitoring as a service

LAN network monitoring is one of the services provided for companies by Exanet in the field of computer network monitoring. At Exanet, we have a separate network department, in which engineers specialize in computer networks.

Every day we gain experience by dealing with complex projects regarding computer networks for enterprises all over Poland and Europe, constantly developing and testing our knowledge.

In addition, we confirm the skills of our engineers with certificates (Cisco CCNA). Thanks to this, we can offer a full spectrum of services related to the care of computer networks and professionally implement LAN network monitoring.

We implement LAN monitoring

LAN network monitoring

WAN network monitoring

WAN monitoring system

As part of the provided IT services, we supervise the saturation of the Internet connection on an ongoing basis using a prepared network monitoring system. We also control the stability of the link (ping length) and check the performance of devices at the junction of WAN and LAN networks.

Firewall log analysis

We also monitor the WAN network by analyzing logs from a Next Generation FireWall, which is used by many of our clients to increase the level of security.

Most often, we use Cisco devices (FirePOWER), which, in addition to protection, enable the identification of network attacks on the customer’s infrastructure. Thanks to modern solutions dedicated to professional computer networks, we can analyze the behavior of organization users in the context of the WAN (visited websites, risk-generating behaviors for the organization).

VPN monitoring

To increase IT security, we monitor VPN tunnels (status) and the amount of data transferred.

WiFi monitoring

We prepare a WiFi monitoring system

Well-prepared and efficiently implemented WiFi monitoring generates many benefits for the organization. The experience of our computer network engineers allows us to implement solutions that increase the efficiency of WiFi networks, improve the security of the company’s computer network, as well as reduce the costs of infrastructure operation.

The combination of an individually prepared system for monitoring WiFi networks together with the analysis of logs of the most important devices supporting the wireless network gives a full picture of the situation and allows you to formulate recommendations regarding the directions of professional WiFi network development in the company.

We monitor the work of WiFi

WiFi monitoring

Network monitoring allows you to react and troubleshoot problems before network infrastructure users are able to notice any inconvenience

Guarantee of reaction speed

Set of alarms and charts

When preparing an individual set of solutions for monitoring the computer network in the company, we use many tools, including specialized software for monitoring network resources.

Many years of experience have allowed us to develop ready-made templates designed for specific types of network systems or devices (a set of alarms and charts), which allows us to offer a short implementation time of the solution in the company and a very favorable SLA in case of constant supervision over the functioning of the computer network in the enterprise.

Notification automation

Automating notification of information and warning alerts on the network allows us to take action before infrastructure users in the company are able to determine that there is an area that requires reaction from the IT administrator.

Advantages of network monitoring offered by Exanet

Advantages of network monitoring offered by Exanet

Proactive approach to service provision

We collect observations and draw conclusions

While providing IT services including network monitoring, we collect many observations and draw conclusions regarding the client’s IT infrastructure. We come out with the initiative, predict and propose solutions that increase the level of security and stability of operations, at the same time we do not forget about the economic justification of specific steps.

We formulate suggestions for solutions

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Our offer also includes

Computer network infrastructure

We analyze needs, audit processes, prepare a professional network design, deliver equipment, implement and test solutions. We prepare the cabling.

Computer network infrastructure management

We offer computer network maintenance services for companies, we guarantee qualified engineers, quick response and a proactive approach to service.

Computer network devices configuration

We configure routers, switches, firewalls, WiFi controllers, used in computer network infrastructure in enterprises and institutions.

Computer network high availability

We implement mechanisms of continuous access to the LAN network thanks to HSRP mechanisms. We implement BGP routing protocol for safe and efficient contact with the Internet.