Microsoft 365 cloud applications and services

Monthly or annual subscriptions

We select Microsoft 365 plans for companies and provide licenses tailored to the individual needs of the organization. Secure and class-leading solutions on the Microsoft 365 cloud platform (Office 365) are available as monthly and annual subscriptions.

The available M365 plans vary in terms of service and application content. Medium-sized companies most frequently choose the following Microsoft 365 plans: Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Large organizations (over 300 users) most often choose: Office 365 E1, Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 E5.

Microsoft 365 apps and services for business

The Microsoft 365 platform allows you to easily get an efficient work environment for your company (premium Office applications: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access), including tools for remote work and collaboration (Microsoft Teams, secure cloud storage in OneDrive and SharePoint, Exchange Online email service).

Selected plans also include Advanced Threat Protection (Azure Information Protection) and Device Management (Intune).

Organizing remote work

The M365 cloud platform gives you an integrated solution that includes Teams, OneDrive storage, and Office apps at a cost based on your company’s plan.

Employees can take advantage of productivity solutions and stay connected with their team and customers, whether they are on-site or remotely.

Teams (included in selected plans) allows you to organize online meetings, voice and video calls, chat, file sharing and real-time collaboration with selected users or teams.

Built-in security features

The services offered within the Microsoft 365 (Office 365) plans are covered by a 99.9% trouble-free operation guarantee and manufacturer’s support in the form of 24/7 technical support over the phone and the Internet.

The Microsoft 365 cloud platform has built-in security features that protect your organization from viruses, malware, phishing, ransomware, spam and other threats. Data stored in the cloud is protected against cybercriminals, unauthorized access or accidental deletion.

IT administrators in companies can implement their own security policies. The native support of M365 services for MFA (multi factor authentication) and blocking legacy authentication protocols in Azure AD are valuable. For companies requiring very advanced security tools, Azure Sentinel (SIEM) and Microsoft Defender (XDR) are available.

Data synchronization across devices

Microsoft 365 plans are licensed on a per user model. Due to the fact that the license is assigned to the user, it is possible to install the application and use the services on an unlimited number of devices, while the given user can be logged in at the same time on 5 computers, 5 tablets and 5 smartphones (i.e. up to 15 devices in total).

When using M365 cloud services, the changes are constantly updated on the synchronized user devices. Users can also work on the same document simultaneously with real-time co-authoring.

We integrate the Microsoft 365 cloud environment with the company’s local IT infrastructure. We carry out a complete email migration to Exchange Online.

Exchange Online for Business

Email service for professionals

Exchange Online is a secure and efficient email service hosted in the Microsoft cloud. Exchange Online can be obtained as a standalone plan (Plan 1 or Plan 2 licenses) or as part of selected Microsoft 365 Business plans.

Thanks to the integration with Outlook, users can use advanced e-mail functions also in offline mode. Mail, calendar and contacts can be shared with users anywhere, on any device and using all popular browsers.

Security across devices

The company’s IT administrator can implement mobile device policies, e.g. list of approved devices in the organization, enforce a PIN-based lock, remove sensitive data from lost smartphones.

EOP (Exchange Online Protection), as an integral part of Exchange Online, provides multi-layered protection for the service against spam, malware and other threats. It is possible for the IT administrator to implement their own anti-malware policies for specific users, groups or domains.

The anti-spoofing technology of EOP protects users from messages in which an unauthorized person is impersonating the sender.

Data in the cloud is safe thanks to redundant servers located in the European Union and excellent disaster recovery functions. Exchange Online is monitored for security around the clock by a team of experts.

Work ergonomics for users in the company

Exchange Online e-mail service is available to users simultaneously on multiple devices thanks to synchronization. The maximum size of the sent message is 150 MB, and the mailbox capacity is 50 GB or 100 GB (Plan 1 or Plan 2).

Advanced calendar functions allow you to share free appointments and plan meetings, use reminders, and respond to invitations. It is worth paying attention to the full integration of the EO calendar with Teams.

Other functionalities in the field of cooperation are also available for users, e.g. groups, global address list, external contacts, tasks, conference rooms, delegation functions.

Exchange Online for Business

Implementation of Microsoft 365 in the company

Support of a certified Microsoft partner

The implementation of Microsoft 365 cloud platform services is best when carried out with an experienced Microsoft partner who, thanks to certification in the area of ​​cloud solutions for companies, will be able to properly select services, provide licenses, make configuration, carry out an individual process of transition to the Microsoft cloud for selected services, train users and support the company in maintaining solutions in the long term.

Companies most often need support in the field of email migration to Exchange Online, Teams implementation for remote work and preparation of file sharing solutions based on OneDrive and SharePoint.

Benefits of migrating to Microsoft 365

Stages of preparing the Microsoft 365 environment

Microsoft Teams for Business

Teams is a modern and advanced service for team management in the company and for communication in the form of videoconferences, teleconferences, chats with individual users or teams. Thanks to full integration with the Microsoft 365 environment, Teams perfectly complements the package of services and applications used in a modern company.

Teams lets you easily and securely share or search for files with SharePoint. The user has all the necessary information in one place, such as: contacts, calendar, shared data, activity overview, call history and other elements related to M365 services.

Hybrid Identity implementation

In larger companies with their own server infrastructure, we implement Hybrid Identity, which allows the use of existing Active Directory (AD) accounts in the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) credential model, i.e. Microsoft 365 cloud services.

Thanks to this, we not only make it much easier for employees in the company who can use one set of credentials to authorize an account in the cloud (Single Sign-On), but also optimize the IT administrator’s time necessary to manage users.

Cloud-only Identity configuration

For organizations that for various reasons do not have or no longer want to maintain their own server infrastructure, we implement the credentials model for Microsoft cloud services based on Azure Active Directory. Of course, users get the full opportunity to use Microsoft 365 services and applications from the company’s premises or working remotely.

Customized e-mail migration quote to Exchange Online for the company

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Exchange Online mail implementation

Comprehensive mail migration to Exchange Online for your company

The process of e-mail migration to Exchange Online is carried out in such a way as not to interfere with the daily work of users in the company. Most often, after the preparation of the Microsoft 365 cloud environment, the migration of mailboxes with additional data (e.g. calendars, contacts, rules, auto-suggestions) to Exchange Online is carried out smoothly.

In order to ensure the highest level of comfort, we provide users with the possibility to continue working with the e-mail service in the new environment without having to change their password or e-mail address. We prepare access to shared mailboxes and the archive. Email groups are defined.

Exchange Online migration plan for a large company

In companies with a local server infrastructure (Active Directory), it is recommended to implement a mechanism for managing users using Exchange Online.

The implementation of Hybrid Identity allows you to increase the security of your company, increase the comfort of employees and optimize the time spent on managing the e-mail service by the IT administrator.

In the case of a large company, the configuration of the solution involves more stages and requires preparation of specific resources.

Exchange Online backup

Company’s data is very well protected In Exchange Online. For organizations requiring Exchange Online data backups, we will prepare a backup plan tailored to the defined security policy.

Exchange Online mail implementation

Exanet supports the implementation of Microsoft 365

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