Remote work communication thanks to Teams

Teams is an increasingly popular cloud application offered in Microsoft 365 (Office 365) plans. Teams is a safe and modern solution for communication and supporting teamwork in organizations. The Microsoft cloud ensures data security, operational stability and an exemplary SLA level.

Teams allows you to implement communication for company employees in the form of chat, audio and video calls, as well as sharing files used in remote work.

Thanks to full integration with the Microsoft 365 (Office 365) environment, Teams is a perfect complement to a professional office suite used in a modern company.

Exanet provides comprehensive services in the field of selection of Microsoft 365 (Office 365) plans for companies, provision of licenses, implementation and construction of the Microsoft ecosystem to ensure safety, comfort and efficiency of work in an office environment for medium and large enterprises.

Private chat, team conversations

Chat communication can be carried out with individual recipients, which may be employees of the company or people outside the organization. The main assumption of conversations on Teams is to improve communication between employees, provide the opportunity to discuss important topics regardless of temporary availability, increase dynamics and speed of action when working on projects. Users have access to the chat history and files transferred during conversations.

Chat can also be conducted with selected people outside the organization’s domain who have an account in Teams or in Skype. Of course, the owner of the team decides about the resources to which the guest has access.

Chatting in groups of users can be especially valuable when carrying out team projects in the company.

Remote work communication thanks to Teams

Teams for company teleconferences

Voice communication with individual users, multiple selected users or entire teams makes Teams the perfect tool for conducting business teleconferences. Audio and video calls, desktop sharing, meeting recording – all this facilitates communication and project management in large companies.

Exanet prepares the infrastructure for conducting teleconferences, starting from ensuring that workstations are properly equipped with audio and video call equipment, through configuration, tests, delivery of devices for conference rooms dedicated to Teams, and even user training, change management or team service.

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Additional tools in Teams

Teams integrates with SharePoint, allowing you to easily share or search for shared files that are useful for your work. All the necessary data is in one place and users do not need to create additional copies of files.

Working with Teams, the user has all the necessary services in one place, such as: contacts, shared data, calendar, activity overview, call history or other elements related to selected Microsoft 365 (Office 365) services.

Smaller Teams-specific apps can also be used to improve work efficiency, and can be easily added to selected teams.

Team management in Teams

It is valuable for managers in companies that you can select team members, create tags and channels.

Exanet implements Teams for businesses

We build the Microsoft ecosystem for companies

Exanet provides comprehensive IT services in the field of building an IT environment for companies. We select solutions tailored to the needs of the organization and guide the client through all stages of implementing modern and safe solutions that guarantee work efficiency and employee satisfaction.

We implement Hybrid Identity

We specialize in Hybrid Identity implementations, which are necessary for large companies having their own server resources and using Microsoft 365 cloud services (Office 365).

Existing Active Directory Domain Services accounts are used in Microsoft’s cloud services credential model, making it easier for users to work with single sign on (SSO).

We configure Cloud-only Identity

For organizations that do not have or do not want to develop their local server infrastructure, we implement a credential model for subscribed Microsoft cloud services based on Azure Active Directory. As in the case of Hybrid – you can take full advantage of cloud services while being in the company or working remotely.

We implement additional security

Data stored in the cloud and transmitted can be encrypted. It is possible to enable two-factor authentication compliant with the Office 365 Tier C standard to enhance user security.

Exanet implements Teams for businesses

Teams as an extension or replacement of local telephone exchanges (PBX)

Teams, which is an excellent platform for voice communication, can also be used as an alternative to a corporate telephone switchboard. This solution is even more attractive, when the number of branches and remote employees in the company is greater. Applications on computers and mobile phones can be supported with desk phones and sets for conference rooms and meetrooms.

It is possible to implement Teams as an element of the PBX infrastructure that we already have, which protects the investment – at the same time extending it, among others o remote user support function.

We implement Teams – the fastest growing Microsoft application

Teams improves communication

Exanet is a Microsoft partner

An important distinction that we would like to mention in connection with Microsoft 365 (Office 365) services, including Teams, is the status of a Microsoft partner that Exanet has had for many years.

For our clients, it is a guarantee of the highest quality of services related to consulting and implementation of Microsoft solutions as well as attractive license prices.

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