Monitoring of servers and services in the IT infrastructure

Monitoring of servers and services is a common solution in a professionally managed IT infrastructure in a company. It allows you to eliminate the possibility of standard problems and significantly accelerates the prevention of failures.

Exanet from Poznań offers preparation and implementation of server and service monitoring, as well as constant handling of notifications and alerts. We can monitor many elements of the server infrastructure in the enterprise.

  •  Physical server.
  •  Storage systems with controllers for SAN protocols.
  •  Network attached storage (NAS).
  •  Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).
  •  CCTV system recorder.
  •  Virtual server.
  •  VOIP switchboard.
  •  Industrial devices using computer network.
  •  RCP gateway.
  •  Other devices working in the company’s IT system.
Monitoring of servers and services in the IT infrastructure

Monitoring of servers and services supports the management of IT infrastructure

Monitoring of servers and services allows you to react in advance to standard problems and significantly speed up the response to a failure

Exanet implements server and service monitoring

Exanet implements server and service monitoring

Setting the directions of IT development in the company thanks to monitoring

Monitoring of servers and services provides a valuable collection of information on the health of the company’s IT infrastructure during past periods. An extensive reporting system, available analyzes and graphs allow the IT administrator to formulate conclusions regarding the necessary directions of development of the server infrastructure.

Urgent needs and areas requiring investment in the medium and long term are identified. An additional benefit related to the implementation of the IT infrastructure monitoring system is the accurate inventory of IT resources.

Monitoring of servers and services

Inventory of servers and services

Reporting on servers and services

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