Safe data transfer with VPN

Protection against unauthorized access

An effective mechanism to counteract the risk of unauthorized access to data in the case of communication between remote branches of the enterprise, between different enterprises, or between the enterprise and a mobile employee, is the connection referred to as virtual private computer networks (VPN).

Data encryption

Data is encrypted before being posted on the Internet using a confidential key. Secure transfer is performed through public infrastructure followed by data decryption at the target location. The main goal is to ensure the security of the transmitted data.

Safe data transfer with VPN

VPN setup for companies

Remote work – VPN connections to the company

Exanet provides comprehensive services in the field of configuration of secure methods of remote VPN connections to the company’s resources. Access is based on Cisco solutions. We use the highest security standards such as TLS1.2 and SSL.

We prepare and implement solutions ensuring data security in remote work for employees who need to have Internet access to data or services on company servers.

Permanent VPN tunnels

We also offer configuration services for permanent VPN tunnels, e.g. between company branches located in different geographic locations.

VPN tunnels are a safe and convenient way to access company resources without having to log in to the VPN connection application each time.

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Cisco solutions for business

Cisco hardware and software

When building and configuring VPN solutions for our clients, we use Cisco devices and software. Cisco is the world leader in the field of professional equipment and software for computer networks.

Exanet is a partner of Cisco

Exanet from Poznań, being a Cisco partner, has a certified team of engineers who have many years of experience in implementation of network solutions for business and computer network administration. We provide the highest quality of service, care for the safety and efficiency of computer networks.

Cisco Select Certified Partner Exanet

Individually prepared VPN solution

At Exanet, we place a great emphasis on the individualisation of the solution prepared for our client. This approach in the case of VPN and remote access (remote work solutions) is necessary to ensure maximum security while meeting the performance level that takes into account the current needs of the company and the possible increase in requirements without the need to replace the active network devices in the nearest future.

Thanks to the solutions implemented by Exanet, resources are safely available from anywhere in the world

Companies choose VPN solutions offered by Exanet

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We are happy to answer your questions about remote access and VPN for companies and present individually prepared solutions.

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