Server in the company’s IT infrastructure

Servers are one of the most important elements of the IT infrastructure of any organization. Professional servers are reliable, efficient and have a number of security measures.

The server must be adapted to continuous operation due to offering various services required for the efficient functioning of the enterprise (e.g. file storage and sharing, terminal services, e-mail handling, databases, backups, directory services, printout handling, workstation software update handling).

Exanet from Poznań provides comprehensive services in server configuration, selection of service contracts, delivery of hardware, software and licenses, implementation of the server in the client’s IT environment.

Server in the company's IT infrastructure

We offer physical servers for companies

A physical server tailored to the specific needs of the company

The individual configuration of the physical server is preceded by a study of the needs of the client’s IT system. We always check exactly what services the server will provide in the IT infrastructure and on this basis we design the server configuration, reserve resources for individual services.

We take into account the guidelines of software producers when we plan such parameters as: storage, RAM, VCPU, network bandwidth. The configuration also takes into account the possibilities of expanding the server in the future agreed with the client.

We provide and configure software for the server

Software and access licenses, server support contract

As part of the project, we select licenses for the software used on the server, as well as access licenses (CALs) for users. For the physical server, we select an appropriate service contract offering NBD (next business day) support or a higher level of support.

Software and access licenses, server support contract

Disk arrays in IT infrastructure

NetApp arrays, WD disks

Exanet offers disk arrays to increase data security and allow very high write and read speeds. Many years of experience in implementing solutions for medium and large enterprises have allowed us to develop preferences for the best producers of disk arrays. In our implementations we use NetApp disk arrays and Western Digital (Ultrastar) disks.

High Availability (HA)

We implement redundancy during the configuration of disk arrays. In our solutions, we use double controllers, power supplies, paths, ports. If a given element of the disk array fails, the system will continue to function.

Fast connection and proper selection of disks

In projects, we implement for clients, we use 10 Gigabit connections via copper cable and optical fiber (10 Gbit BaseT, 10 Gbit iSCSI SFP +). We select the types of disks that best meet the adopted criteria of speed of operation and cost (SATA disks, NL-SAS disks, SAS disks, SSD disks).

Data security and service support

To increase the reliability, efficiency of data transmission and the space available as a whole, we use the Redundant Array of Independent Disks technology. Exanet engineers select the appropriate RAID standard for a given environment, taking into account the speed of operation, security and the amount of disk space available.

For the disk array, we recommend a proper service contract that provides support in the event of a hardware failure.

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Exanet partnerem NetApp

Emergency power (UPS)

APC by Schneider Electric

Properly selected UPS devices ensure the availability and protection of power for server devices, as well as the ability to manage the power supply.

The experience gained at Exanet during many implementations of server systems for companies allows us to recommend solutions from a world-famous manufacturer in the field of UPS, i.e. APC. We value APC for reliability, quality, excellent software, available accessories and options.

Specific UPS selection for the set of server devices

We always select devices that guarantee power backup individually to servers, disk arrays and network devices that make up the IT infrastructure in the company. We take into account the possible maximum power consumption of power supplies included in the system.

UPS management

A great advantage of modern UPS is the possibility of adding a management card, which allows to ensure a very high level of reliability thanks to immediate notifications. The included software allows you to safely shut down protected servers.

Exanet prepares an individual configuration of UPS behavior rules for a specific customer infrastructure. We define the order of switching off and the sequence of switching on the virtual servers.

An important advantage of APC hardware is compatibility and support for Hyper-V. In selected UPS models, we use smart connect (Connected Smart-UPS), i.e. a solution that provides a remote management interface (management via the cloud).

We must mention UPS testing. An indispensable part of server infrastructure management is regular testing of the operation of the power backup.

Network attached storage (NAS)

In selected projects for our clients, we use rack-mounted Network Attached Storage devices from manufacturers such as Synology and QNAP. We use NAS solutions primarily as a place to store an additional backup and as a data archive.

The main advantages of NAS solutions are a relatively low price, ease of management, the ability to use the existing network infrastructure, ease of change of the size of the volume. For increased security, we use a redundant RAID array.

Benefits of working with Exanet

Benefits of working with Exanet

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Our offer also includes

Server infrastructure building

We build platforms for ERP systems tailored to the individual needs of the company. We prepare Active Directory DS and CS infrastructure.

Server security

We implement the Windows Server Update Services for central management of updates on end devices. We select and implement ESET antivirus solutions.

Server infrastructure management

We provide configuration services and expansion of the server infrastructure for the company. We provide IT security solutions. We monitor services. We react immediately to alerts and failures.

Server virtualization

We implement safe and stable virtualization solutions on servers using Hyper-V and VMware. We provide maintenance and backup services for virtual machines.