Wi-Fi for office and warehouse facilities

Exanet from Poznań has extensive experience in designing and building Wi-Fi networks for companies and institutions throughout Poland and Europe. We prepare solutions for office, warehouse and industrial facilities.

Exanet’s projects for industry most often include the construction of wireless networks that are a communication medium for barcode terminals, also in buildings with difficult radio and environmental parameters (high-bay warehouses).

For office needs, we offer solutions that ensure constant and safe access to the LAN and the Internet, both for computers and a wireless telephone system based on IP communication.

WiFi for office and warehouse facilities

The Exanet offer includes the following services

All systems installed by Exanet are highly scalable and are ready for quick expansion with new network segments or new services

Cisco solutions for businesses

Exanet’s product portfolio is based mainly on Cisco solutions. We are an authorized Cisco partner. Most of our projects are integrated WLAN systems based on wireless network controllers, enabling the connection of all services in one place and simplifying management.

WLAN controllers can support various types of access points, thanks to which we can operate both an office network and an industrial network from one controller. The use of controllers additionally enables the management of access points located in remote locations.

Cisco Select Certified Partner Exanet

Advantages of Exanet Wi-Fi networks

Wi-Fi solutions in the latest standards

The solutions implemented by Exanet operate in two frequency ranges (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and in the latest available IEEE 802.11 standards.

The standard for 5GHz is currently used 802.11ac wave2 with speeds up to 2.3Gbps and new to the market 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) with speeds up to 5.38Gbps.

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Wi-Fi networks for high bay warehouses

The network department in the Exanet team has extensive experience in the implementation of projects regarding Wi-Fi networks in high-bay warehouse facilities. We serve clients from Poland and neighboring countries. We build WLAN networks in industrial and logistics facilities.

We comprehensively support companies in the field of Wi-Fi networks, design, select access points and WLAN controllers, configure and prepare cabling, conduct cable measurements and implement security policies. We advise on the expansion, reconstruction of the network and do the reconfiguration of devices. We carry out tests and measurements of the existing computer network. We prepare a Wi-Fi network monitoring system for companies.

Examples of the implementation of a WiFi network by Exanet

Exanet Hendi WiFi
Exanet Solaris WiFi
Exanet Blum WiFi
Exanet Gizeh WiFi
Exanet Sandoz WiFi
Exanet Renz WiFi
Exanet Democo WiFi
Exanet Korbanek WiFi

The new standard for wireless networks, Wi-Fi 6

Higher operating speed and bandwidth

Exanet implements Wi-Fi 6, the next generation wireless standard, also known as 802.11ax. Wi-Fi 6 takes full advantage of the benefits of 802.11ac while providing greater performance, flexibility and scalability to increase the speed and bandwidth of WLAN.

The new quality of Wi-Fi networks for the company

The benefits of the new Cisco Wi-Fi 6 technology

The Wi-Fi 6 solutions offered by Exanet provide comfort generated by constantly and consistently efficient wireless networks for users. The new 802.11ax standard enables more data to be transferred to more hosts than previous technologies.

Wi-Fi 6 achieves up to four times the throughput of 802.11ac. Better coverage and support for 2.4 GHz make Cisco Wi-Fi 6 an ideal solution for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Cisco Wi-Fi 6 is the answer to most of the problems of wireless networks, especially for environments with high density or high needs for speed of operation and data transfer (office space, utility facilities, conference centers, etc.).

Built-in backward compatibility

As with past upgrades to the wireless standard, Wi-Fi 6 is backward compatible with previous technologies. 802.11ax access points work seamlessly with existing 802.11a / g / n or 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 devices.

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Our offer also includes

LAN / WAN / WiFi monitoring

We individually prepare monitoring of IT networks for companies in order to increase the security and stability of the computer network.

Computer network infrastructure building

We create network infrastructure (LAN, WLAN) for companies and institutions. We offer the best solutions that guarantee constant and safe access to computer network.

Configuration of network devices

We provide configuration services for network devices (access points, controllers, switches, routers, firewalls) of Cisco and other manufacturers of network equipment.

Remote access and VPN

We configure virtual private networks (VPN) enabling safe access to the resources of the company’s computer network from anywhere in the world. We use the latest, proven Cisco solutions.